Ok, ok...I got this one. What, oh what could it be? This is, to the best of my knowledge, a traditional Dutch pastry. Being that I am 100% Dutch...yep, and knowing how I snagged this into NC, I don't believe you will find anything like this anywhere close. Unless, of course, you go to Holland, Michigan during the Tulip Festival each May. I grew up there as a young child, so this Dutch Boy tells you the truth! So what...yea, yea...what the heck IS it??
Banket is basically a 'Brick Dough' that is well rested and rolled out paper thin. The filling is a combination of organic almonds, almind paste, eggs, organic cane sugar... And a whole lot of patience:) 
The loaves are then hand rolled (practice!!) Then egg washed & vented. Hit with a coarse Hemalian Sea Salt. A double bake from 425 degrees to 375 degrees follows and the result is nothing short of AWESOME!!! Hence, Banket. 
The loaves weigh in at 13.5 ounces on average, and is our solution to Biscotti. This stuff will get you out of bed and go hand-in-hand with either a Pint or a Tall Boy (22oz.) of our Fresh Brew Organic Coffee and Organic Espresso line. You'll be glad you did. 
And hey, don't believe me?? Come in, and I'll give you a sample to taste. It's good, man...real good! So good that we will taste it together and, although it may not 'change your life', I think we'll both agree this little Dutch pastry has BIG flavor! And we make it by hand, frome scratch. Only at Halina's Cafe and Catering. 
Thanks and we value your feedback!
Dirk & Halina 

What the #&$! is Bank√ęt??!

Halina's Happenings...

Lets Talk Lettuce:)!

When we opened our doors, we had NO idea just how 'Local' we would be able to procure some of our products needed. Produce? Sure, produce will be fun...but 'Two Miles Down the Road, Fun'??! Perfect!

About two weeks in, I was approached by Debbie from Living Goodness Produce. Very cool lady, and she struck my interest with her Baby Bibb Lettuce. Now get this- It's grown for me just two miles down the road from our restaurant! Excellent!!! So, the 'Birth' of the 'Living Wedge Salad', which has become a staple on our menu since that day.

Next, our 'Cherry Bomb Tomatoes'... These, also, are grown for us in their greenhouses and I can barely keep up with them! Good problem to have- We simply toss them in Hemp Oil, Cracked Black Pepper & Sea Salt. Then, we torch them until they blister & char...then chill them. Hence, the 'Cherry Bomb Tomatoes'! Simple, tasty...and they expload in your mouth when you bite them. Fun stuff!

Cucumbers, beautiful beautiful Green Onions, Sweet Onions....whatever I can get from them. And do you know what the best part is? LOCAL JUST TASTES BETTER!!! It does. And Terry & Debbie? You 'Cats' have not only made it 'Tasty' also help keep it 'Fun'! Thats what were all about-
Thanks so much!