Hempseed Bars!!

"Don't Panic...It's Organic!

“Hempseed Bars, Hempseed Bars...Be The First in America for Hempseed Bars!!!” Just a little 'Jingle' I've been singing to myself all day...its kind of 'Catchy'! But anyway, YES I AM. Cooking and working with both Hempseeds as well as Hemp Oil, that is. Guess what, Guys??! Its OK! We will be FINE, I assure you!!! To the point where we say "Don't Panic...It's Organic!!!” I've even put it on our business cards and t-shirts. But why these 'Tasty Little Seeds'?

Our Organic shelled Hempseeds contain 33% protein by weight along with Omega-3's and 6's plus  minerals. With a delicious, nutty flavor thats similar to pine nuts, its perfect for salads, smoothies, hempseed bars, or even right out of the oven!

Our Hempseed Bars are made with Organic Hempseeds, Organic Peanut Butter, Organic Chocolate, Roasted Flax Seed, Toasted Coconut and a variety of additional granolas and grains. They were a HIT from day one and we anticipate a 'quiet success' with these little guys! We have even brought you T-Shirts with the slogan, “I Got My Hemp At Halina's!” along with "Don't Panic...Its Organic!!!”

After all...Its Just Food! :)