Brunch. Brunch?? What IS it??! Often, a 'Dump Zone' of things that didn't work thru the week, and the result leaves you somewhere between Vegas and dissapointment. Ha! But is that not well put...or what??! So allow me to give you our 'redition'... First, ..One major component is BREAKFAST. We will offer cage-free Eggs, in a number of fashions, Applewood Bacon & Sausages, Breakfast Potatoes, Pastries, Muffins, Biscuits and House Made Sausage Gravy... Don't forget the Omelette Station!
And then there needs to be a balanced mix to satisfy the 'Dinner' portion of our Jazz Brunch. An Array of Fresh Features, Weekly, just for BRUNCH! Free Range Steroid/Hormone Free Poultry Dishes, Pork, Beef, Fresh Seafood, Starches (like our Homade Pasta!) and Chefs Vegetable du Jour.
Don't forget the 'Carving Station'! Always...
Whole Muscle Roasted Cuts of Beef, Lamb, Veal, Pork and Poultry. Condiments always to include Natural Jus, Cranberry Horseradish with Orange, Organic Whole Grain Mustard, Kiln Dried Cherry Chutney...whatever trips my trigger!
And to top it off, Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice, Fresh Ground Organic Coffee & Tea, Breads guessed it...Local Appalachian Butter. 
I will serve Complementary Mimosas at noon once my ABC Permit is approved.
Desserts? Oh yes...we have you covered. Cheesecakes, Pastries, Peti Fours, Maccaroons, and House Made Dutch Bunket  (Excellent!!!).
So 'Dig It', Guys and Dolls! Come One...Come All! We assure you an experience 'second-to-none'. You'll see!!!
And we are so Kid Friendly! After all...we do have dishes to do!!:)....
Thanks so much, and we look forward to it!
Dirk & Halina Rusthoven 

Sunday Brunch